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During our Coronacation we have been trying our best to pivot, act and re-establish us and our team. Back at Christmas we were accompanied by our dear friend and incredibly talented Emma Prendiville (@blankslateirl) to take some of her trademark shots for us with the ‘Support for Drummond’ campaign. Emma has managed to capture one of my favourite shots of the Forty Foot as a classic black and white shot with a splash of class and colour. She has just launched a ‘Dublin Series’ of digital illustrations of famous buildings and locations within our capital. A hint of “pathetic fallacy” comes to mind (I am just as shocked as you are that I have managed to be able to regurgitate leaving cert shakespearean shpiel in a blog just as much as you are!) when looking at this as we see it as a sign of hope.

We have been out of action from all operations with the sauna for quite some time now. The last few months within our operations have been less than smooth, a challenge but a challenge we did not shy away from.

With a rocky start to 2020 as we patiently waited for the weather to go through the whole alphabet of storms through the months of January, February (these storms only occurred on weekends by the way!), we thought we were in for some good karma. Between battling off the hurricane weekends for a full month and battling through the blustery mornings I am so grateful for the amount of time spent throughout the winter months up at the Forty Foot now more than ever.

The last place I thought this business would be is in my front room on the laptop!

We envisioned our build up to summer and the summer we have gone through so far to be the pinnacle our journey to date. We launched last year just after summer in September thinking,

“Can you imagine this in the summer!?”

“Imagine the sunrise with some actual heat in the sun but the sea is till so nice and cold”

All faith is not lost. As we sit patiently through the governments phase plan and the social distancing restrictions put in place, it hasn’t been ideal but for the safety of everyone’s best health interests this vision has been impaired slightly, but like the mornings during the winter… we are beginning to see the light.

We could only see the buzz building more and more particularly when the sunrise was getting later and later. We were actually able to see some of the many familiar faces at the early hours of a Friday morning at the Forty Foot.

Our service provides an experience. One you don’t and won’t forget because you come away with a feeling of wanting more. More cold because you know the heat is there, more heat because you know you are about to jump out into the cold again, and the more people you will get to share this experience with at the end of all this, the more grateful you will be to be able to do something you may have taken for granted before. The more you will take these opportunities to seek for more.

We are currently going through a not so pleasurable experience right now, but with restrictions being eased and smiles beginning to grow on the faces of our community, we are nearly there. It has definitely not been foreseen to have happened or have been happening for this long but this picture from @blankslate has allowed us to remember.

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel”.

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