Sea Swimming

Sauna at Seaside

“I fell in love at the seaside”( Luke Pritchard, The Kooks).

Our Saunas Barrel shape design with semi tinted half window overlooking seaside landscapes, encapsulates and promotes everything we are about at Fad Saoil Saunas.

The Sauna itself is a striking piece of equipment and is located in the last place you would expect to see, out in the open area of Dublin suburbia.

We all live busy lives and might forget to take time for ourselves to rest, rewind, rejuvenate.

Fad Saoil Sauna is a way for you to block book time for you and your buddy/family/partner to experience pressing your body’s reset button through the use of Sauna and the Irish sea.

Saunas Health claims and benefits have been a controversial topic for many years and still to this day is heavily debated whether there are any benefits from this type of practice. Now I am no scientist or expert in the field of sauna use but the one thing I can absolutely debate and standby is the feeling your body endures immersing into cold water and than instantly to a warm heated environment. Without reading into the science(which nobody will not do these days) once you’ve experienced this feeling you cannot deny the physical feelings you are having within your body.

The chemical reaction the heated environment brings upon your body is something we as human beings lack in our general day to day. “Hard Nature” Wim Hoff describes it as. Him and many others, claim it is good for our body’s (as human beings) to expose ourselves to challenging heated and cold environments and we as a human race rarely get an opportunity in our day to day lives to expose it to such extremities.

With our modern day society we are lucky we do not have to face such extremities of weather.

If we’re a little too cold, we can just throw on the heating.

If we’re a little too hot we can just turn on the the air con or the fan.

These luxury’s are a necessity in our day to day livelihoods, but are we missing out on major health benefits? Are we not getting the most out of our body’s by keeping everything within the body as active and efficient as possible?

(Here comes some baseline science to back up this pub chat!)

When your body is exposed to heat it stimulates the expression of genes (FOX03) & heat shock proteins(HSPs).

FOX03 is known as the ‘Longevity Gene’ and is one of the main genes that are triggered and produced through heat exposure. It has been shown to be associated with longevity within humans. Fun fact , It is a gene found in most centenarians across a variety of ethnic groups around the world. FOX03s main function for our body’s is making our cells that are being reproduced more resilient and resistant to any cell DNA damaging oxidative by products produced from our body’s, which can lead to mutation, which in turn can lead to cancer. (This is not to scare you! but to merely educate you!)

Heat shock proteins (HSP’s) are a family of proteins that are produced by cells in response to exposure to stressful conditions. We hear the word ‘stress’ and our initial reaction is to avoid it , which is the right thing to do because chronic stress levels are not good for any individual , but, im sure some of you have heard that some exposure to stress is

"good for the body and the mind". 

The term for exposing the body to some short bursts of stress is called Hormesis. The reasoning why the body reacts well to stress is because it activates and alarms your body’s ‘DEFENCE’. Your body’s good defensive pathways need to be triggered to be active as opposed to reactive and help you fight off any harm to your body more resiliently. As we age , we don’t activate these defensive pathways as often as we should merely because our body’s are switching off, but, the Sauna is exactly the environment that would help and enhance our body’s good “defensive patterns”.

HSPs are needed to protect the body and help keep the structure of our body’s proteins. HSP’s have an array of many health benefits. They help us;

relieve ourselves ,resist from stress,have anti aging capabilities and decrease many all cause mortality diseases , for example, Alzheimer’s , Parkinsons, Cardiomyopathy just to name a few. HSP’s are increased once exposed to both hot and cold environments.

So… who cares right, how many things do we know we should already be doing to make us healthier , fitter be a better you? Endless!

But, how many of those other examples that you just thought of are as easy/enjoyable as merely sitting by the seaside, in a sauna , either switching off completely taking the view and experience in or, striking up a chat with another about the experience you are feeling?…

The answer :..

There isn’t one easier.

Look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

Fad Saoil!

"good for the body and the mind".

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