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That sense of heat that seems to sink right down to your bones, that incredible feeling of wellbeing that comes from being in such a cleansing space, the smell of cedar and that burst of sweat on your skin when water is first thrown onto the stones.

Bathing in a sauna is a truly unique experience and it’s no surprise that it has been popular for over a thousand years.

Fire would provide heat and water would provide ‘löyly’ – the burst of steam that cleanses and purifies you.

Sauna is a wonderful way to look after your beauty needs and it does so in a very natural way. Facial saunas use warm steam to open your pores and allow the natural perspiration to help give them a deep clean. A traditional sauna, steam shower or Soft Sauna does exactly that, but to your whole body. The process isn’t just affecting the surface of your skin, scraping dirt away like cleansers and scrubs do.

Sauna gets deep down into your epidermis and flushes out toxins and improves the blood supply which helps to oxygenate your skin so that it not only looks cleaner and more healthy; it actually is cleaner and healthier. Cleansing and refreshing your skin in a sauna will take a little while. 

To get the most out of your sauna session in beauty terms, there are a few things that you can do.

1)Always go into the sauna as clean as you can.

2)Take a shower before sauna to remove dirt, oils and cosmetics. This will allow your skin to feel the benefits of the sauna as quickly as possible. 

3)Have a drink of water before, after and during your sauna session. A sauna will make you sweat – which is good – but you need to ensure that your skin stays hydrated. Some people like to put a little fresh lemon juice into their drinking water, for normal skin, add Mandarin or Lavender. Oily skin would benefit from Lemon or Eucalyptus oil and dry skin likes Rose oil or Camomile.

These tips have been shown to help improve your skin’s overall cleanliness but it is a matter of playing around with different techniques and mechanisms to see which works best for you and your skin’s needs.

Would love to hear the different techniques and tips people already use to cleanse their skin and than see if the use of sauna enhances it.

Fad Saoil.

Bathing in a sauna is a truly unique experience and it’s no surprise that it has been popular for over a thousand years.

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