Sauna, Sea Swimming

You cannot deny the feeling you are feeling

There are many reasons why I believe in this lifestyle choice of Sea Swimming and use of Sauna, but at the end of the day it all comes down to one thing…

“You cannot deny the feeling you are feeling”.

You could say I didn’t really have a choice as I was tested from the Irish Sea at a very early age from my grandmother and Father, but, everyone has a choice and there is always a reason why people make a choice. Sometimes we don’t know why we make these choices but more often or not they are the decisions that we like the most because we know we like the decision but if someone was to ask you the “why do you do that?”, you would struggle to tell them because it is something you have always done.

My answer;

“It’s Unreal!!!! It’s so nice come on you have to try it”


“Yeah 100% I must do that with ya (he is delusional there is not a bloody hope of me getting in there with him”

Changing someone’s opinion about most things but particularly the Irish Sea is a process. I am very aware that people have different intolerances to heat and cold.

People are trigger happy when making decisions, especially when they’re presented a scenario they are not used to or exposed to a situation for the first time.

People rely on ‘Confirmations Bias’. People go off common word from others, news line headings, their own natural heuristic of an experience.

We feel like we know what something is going to feel,taste, look like before we have already ever seen, touched, tasted anything of the sort, through any experience. Once we hear about something we rely on our brains to want to immediately link it to something we know and are comfortable with to make the quickest, easiest, decision (even if there is no method to the madness). Once it is familiar we are happy.

Does this sound all too familiar ??

As you are reading this now I know there are people who know what I am talking about.

This is 9 times out of 10 the reaction to people when you mention the Irish Sea. But (and there is always a but),

Whatever scenario you have found yourself in with previous experience with the Irish Sea I ask you one thing …

Have you ever gone into the sea knowing that you are going to be warm instantly afterwards ?

This is the Helping hand that we are,

We help any individual achieve, conquer and embrace the fear of the unknown. Once you can change the way you think about something before you’ve even experienced it, there is not a lot of things you will say no to until you find out for yourself.

As John Keats (Poet) once said, "Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced"

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